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Combating the Change

Combating the Change

Growth is mandatory to survive and change is a natural repercussion.

The Developing Globe:

We survive in a world that is gradually shifting into the virtual existence of the internet. Every new day sees an innovation that is beyond the imagination of a layman. With such a transforming economy, we’re bound to transform lifestyles. E-commerce is the basic means to evolve lifestyles and contain growth, shopping being the inevitable aspect of transformation.

Booming Trends and Effects:

Online shopping has rapidly converted from just a trend into a basic means of survival. Its development rate is faster and doubling with every second; and as much as it is making life simpler for most of us, it is equally creating tensions for other segment of people- shopping centres and retailers. For them, it’s a battle they can’t afford to lose but are equally scarce with resources to combat the same.

Combating Efforts of Retailers:

Everyday, we witness attempts being made by real shopping centres to attract customers, increase footfall and retain their foot in the market. They are constantly providing offers and deals, trying to advertise themselves in every region of possibility and increasing shopping benefits for loyal customers. Shopping centres tend to glamourize their selling expertise to retain customer acquisition and divert more footfall in their showrooms than the online outlets, but so far statistics show no drastic improvement against the harsh adversities caused with e-commerce.

The Aid: MallDesk:

Keeping all perspective on stand, we introduced MallDesk. We desired to provide boon to the retailers and ease their struggle and hence created a product that would help them combat with their war with the e-commerce. Although, efforts have been made and yet aren’t enough to sustain for long-terms, we provide an outlet to the sellers to advertise and showcase themselves at par with the online trends. We have established a platform for shopping centres to showcase, connect with consumers and grow themselves via means of internet-based application accessibility.

Hence, if we look at it from a broader perspective, MallDesk is a means to alleviate the competition by elevating the real shopping experience on a whole new level which is based on a direct connection between retail sellers and the consumers via internet.

Bridging the Gap:

It bridges the gap between shopping centres and consumers, created by e-commerce and connects the two through the same basic elements that makes e-commerce so attractive.

MallDesk Mantra:

We define development as crucial and magnified progress of the present, along with essence and retainability of its true joys. That is exactly the idea behind MallDesk!