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THE BIG WAR: Shopping Centres v/s Online Commerce

THE BIG WAR: Shopping Centres v/s Online Commerce

Online Shopping Buzz: Cause and Effect.

The 21st century has proven to be the most influential and developing time on major aspects of lifestyle and human life form. In an attempt to ease and advance life, we have transformed every physical task of daily routine into a virtual basis of e-commerce- the most trending one being “Online Shopping”. Online shopping has given a whole new outlook to the experience of basic shopping – Every.Single.Thing. is available on the internet and life couldn’t be any simpler! But not everyone is affected in similar fashion. Such advancement has a poor impact on the shopping centres and retail outlets. For them, it’s just a constant struggle to keep up with the innovative solutions of e-commerce and to ensure that they don’t lose their position in the market.

Shopping Centres Blues:

Along with the challenging competition, they are devoid of a similar platform to showcase their products or offers as well, which in turn leads to a fall in their total number of walk-ins. This also has its repercussions on customer acquisition- which becomes expensive due to difficulty in retaining consumers. Altogether, it definitely isn’t a happy sight for this group of people.

Consumer Blues:

Online shopping also has its cons on the consumer’s perspective as well. As much easy it is to shop in a click, equally difficult it is to put your trust in the virtual picture. One is always doubtful of the product authenticity viewed on the screen, we don’t obtain one on one feel of the same. There is lack of information and personal assistance, which leads to lots of browsing to find the perfect product- still with hints of doubts.

MallDesk to the rescue!

Looking at the bigger picture of e-commerce and how it has its pros and cons on both the sides of seller and buyer, we introduced MallDesk- a means to bridge the problems with their solutions. Creating a stage for shopping centres to showcase themselves on the level of e-business and in return, also making the consumers closer to the feel of real shopping experience. With MallDesk, real sellers earn a way to overcome the competition they’re facing and reach out to their customers with the easiest way for them- the internet!

MallDesk is simply a means to elevate the same old-fashion shopping agenda to a platform that is better reached to the people of this century. It is the modern old-fashion shopping experience!